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UIAccessibility Returning Failover: -[UIButton:

So the other day I made a class, MyButton, that extended UIButton and started to update the current UIButtons in my project to use the new button. After updating all the buttons in code and changing the class of the buttons in the XIB files, I loaded up the application in the simulator to test everything out.

When I came to a view that used the new MyButton class, one that was initialized in the XIB file, and tried to use one of the new methods, I got this error “UIAccessibility Returning Failover: -[UIButton:”. So to the debugger I went. I placed a break point where this method was being called to make sure the button being created was of type MyButton. It wasn’t. A UIButton was still being used and of course a regular UIButton doesn’t have any of the methods in MyButton available.

I thought to myself, how could this be? I have updated all of my class references in code and in the XIB files. I even went through again and double checked and triple checked. Googling around didn’t turn anything up. So after debugging a bit more I decided to re-hook up the Referencing Outlets for all the buttons to the Files Owner, and voila, everything was working. It seems that this is a step I overlooked when changing the class for all the buttons. Hope this helps anyone that comes across this.


HP Veer, Pre 3 and TouchPad


New desk at work.

Quicken Loans Tastes Like A Million Root Beer:

Brewed and Bottle by: Michigan Brewing Co.


If your clients still want your bid to compare “apples to apples”, you haven’t communicated your orangeness.

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